Padel was born from a “mistake” of the Mexican citizen Enrique Corcuera who, in the 1970s, wanted a tennis court on his property even though he didn’t have enough space.

He decided to build it anyway and changed the rules: using the perimeter walls, he invented a new sport in which the ball always remained in play. Padel had its first major expansion in Argentina and in a few years millions of people approached padel especially for its ease and immediacy. Popular people such as Guillermo Vilas, Gabriela Sabatini and Diego Armando Maradona were assiduous players. The “padel fever” also infected the other states of South America and in the 80s this sport landed in Spain where it became a real trend up to the present day. This sport has now crossed the borders of many European states and North America.

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The Advantages of Padel

Padel is a fun and social sport, which can be practiced by women, men and children from 6 to 80 years old.

It is the first racket sport very popular among women and especially in their adult life. It attracts sedentary people or those who have never practiced sports constantely and regularly and also former athletes who find padel a satisfying sporting activity. It is a discipline that can best be described as a combination of many racquet sports such as tennis, squash and racquetball. The courts can be both outdoors and indoors. A team of Padel is made of two people, on a court smaller than a tennis one (the length is 20 m while the width is 10 m). This sport is also growing strongly in Italy, where it is increasingly establishing itself as a real trend.

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A sport to invest in

Padel, which has become a trendy sport, is growing strongly in our country. It has gained more and more space in the media and the number of courts and players has continuously increased in recent years. Investing in padel today represents an opportunity.

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A sport for everyone

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Easy to play

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