How much does it cost to build a padel sports center?

18 January 2024
18 January 2024

How much does it cost to build a padel sports center?

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When considering an investment in the field of padel, it is necessary to know the costs in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. To estimate the initial investment required, one must evaluate the type of structure to be built. Indeed, costs vary based on the size of the center and additional services to be offered, such as bars, restaurants, and so on.

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What are the initial investment costs for a padel sports center?

The sports center can include a different number of courts. Therefore, one must consider costs related to:

  • Construction of the courts;
  • Construction of stands and covers;
  • Other facilities and services such as changing rooms, reception, bar.

Consider that a well-equipped sports center typically covers an indoor area ranging from 300 to 1000 square meters, in addition to an outdoor space large enough to accommodate the sports courts.

Now, let’s imagine building a sports center with 3 courts on raw land. We will have a minimum space for reception and showers of about 300 square meters and a space for courts, covers, and corridors of at least 700 square meters, totaling 1000 square meters.

Essential elements and costs:

  • Padel court with transport and assembly included: €22,500 + VAT each, totaling €67,500.
  • Subfloor suitable for padel and cover: €12,000 + VAT each, totaling €36,000.
  • Aluminum hat-covered structure for 3 courts with side curtains, including assembly and transport: €110,000 + VAT.
  • Perimeter metal fencing: €4,400 + VAT.
  • Prefabricated shower container: €10,500 + VAT x 2.
  • Prefabricated reception container: €6,000 + VAT.
  • Technical assistance: to be defined.
  • Sewerage, lighting, etc.: to be defined, approximately €15,000.


The cost of a sports court for 3 padel courts is approximately €260,000 + VAT.

What are the maintenance costs of a padel sports center?



Although court maintenance is not directly related to construction costs, it is a factor to consider. It is necessary to be aware of and address issues that may arise with the courts, such as a lack of sand, net or glass panel breakage, etc.


Personnel Costs

There are two central figures regarding a padel sports center: the instructor(s) and the person who welcomes guests and manages reservations. In general, instructors are compensated based on the number of lessons they give, so they do not represent a fixed cost. Their remuneration is typically around 50% of the lesson cost. It is advisable not to schedule lessons during peak hours, as this would generate reduced income compared to renting the court in full. Especially if you have few courts, it is recommended to offer lessons until 7:00 PM.

A different consideration applies to the reception, where a dedicated person is needed. Consider around €1,200 per month.


Paddle tennis courts are typically illuminated with eight 200 W metal halide floodlights, resulting in a total hourly consumption of about 6 kW per court, considering the starting equipment’s consumption.


Heating costs for a covered padel structure can vary significantly from north to south and depending on the type of structure you have. For example, a balloon must be both inflated and heated.