Italia Team Padel creates roofings for padel courts of different types.

The cost can vary greatly and depends on several factors as the number of courts to be covered, the space available, the type of material and other custom specifications.

The best option is to contact us directly for a free quote. In this way you will get a dedicated proposal for covering your padel courts.


copertura lamellare

These roofings are made by combining a laminated wooden arch structure with a waterproof membrane, all materials are certified and of high quality. They are permanent structures built in compliance with the regulations of the FITP federation and CONI regulations, which can be approved for national and international competitions. The internal design allows us to provide alternative solutions suited to your specific needs.


copertura in acciaio

Roofing made with a curved or double-pitched steel structure, combined with a waterproof membrane. These structures need for less space on the floor plan but guarantee playing heights even higher than the requirements of the regulation. The wide range of possibilities allow us to satisfy the needs of all customers.


pallone pressostatico

When permanent structures cannot be installed or a completely removable one is preferred, the solution is the Pressostatic roofing. It is made with a membrane divided into two parts, made up of high tenacity polyester fabric covered on both sides in PVC, fireproof in class B S2 D0 and stabilized against solar rays, joined with a CT30 die-cast hinge. For a better playing experience, translucent stripes are positioned in the central areas of the Padel court.


Covering a padel court offers several advantages. Here are some:

  • Weather-independent play: One of the main reasons for covering a padel court is the possibility of playing regardless of weather conditions. You can continue playing even in rain, snow or intense heat.
  • UV protection: Padel court roofings often also offer UV protection. This means you can enjoy the game without worrying about sunburn or sun damage.
  • Season Extension: By roofing, you can extend your playing season. Even during the colder months or during the low season, you will be able to practice padel comfortably.
  • Maintaining the quality of the court: A roofing can help to protect the padel court from atmospheric agents, such as rain and snow. This helps to maintain the quality of the curt over time, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
  • Greater opportunities for use: With a covered court, you can organize tournaments, lessons and games even when external conditions do not allow it. This increases the opportunities for using the court and offers more options for padel lovers.
  • Comfort and privacy: Padel court roofing can provide a more comfortable environment during play, protecting you from the elements and offering greater privacy than uncovered courts.